Bootstrap Template - Pixel PRO

Bootstrap Template - Pixel PRO


This article presents a Premium Bootstrap 5 UI Kit with user dashboard provided by Themesberg. This commercial product comes with an impressive number of components, pre-built pages and a simple and elegant dashboard in case you need such a section in your next project. Pixel Pro features over  1000 components, 50+ sections and 35 example pages including a fully  fledged user dashboard.

Pixel PRO - Links & resources
Bootstrap Template - Pixel PRO, animated presentation.

What's in the box

1000+ Components

Buttons, timelines, blog cards, profile cards, tables, accordions...  you name it and we have it. Our components are a perfect extension of  Bootstrap 4 so you will find it very easy to work with our code if  you're familiar with their class names and styles. Furthermore, we've  made sure to that all components are well documented.

Our components are created by the Object Oriented CSS principle, which means that the classes can be combined each other.

50+ Sections

Sections are made up of components. These are the big boys and they  include the navigation bars, footers, about sections, contact sections  and many more. We believe that our navigation bars are one of the most customizable  ones out there. You can change the whole color scheme just by changing a  letter amongst the classes.

35 Example Pages

These are the last building blocks to build an awesome website. We  made sure to offer you a few example pages to prove how useful and great  our UI Kit is. You'll find landing pages for app presentations, to  showcase your freelancer profile and even a cryptocurrency themed page.

Pixel PRO - Design Screens

The kit comes with beautiful cards, carefully crafted with some really nice colors and layout.

Cards - UI Elements
Bootstrap Template - Pixel PRO, UI cards

UI Components - Section
Bootstrap Template - Pixel PRO, UI components section

User Dashboard
Bootstrap Template - Pixel PRO, user dashboard

UI Testimonials
Bootstrap Template - Pixel PRO, user testimonials

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